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Due to talent war, having a strong talent acquisition team is vital to fill up the gap in your organization. However, what happens if you aren’t able to build up that team? How about outsourcing your recruitment needs to professional executive search firms.

Executive search firms specialise in sourcing high quality candidates for your organization. They typically work with companies throughout the recruitment process, ranging from understanding the needs of the role, sourcing and screening the candidate to placing them. Most importantly, they will follow through the process with you until you get the right one to bring your organization to greater heights.

Signs that you need the services of an executive search firm

Lack of a talent acquisition team.

Firstly, talent sourcing requires a lot of time and effort. If your HR team is already overwhelmed, it will be rather impossible for them to do a quality search for talent.

Lack of time.

Secondly, if a role needs to be urgently filled, you might want to consider using an external search firm to speed up the process. It will serve as an additional help to your organization.

Lack of employer branding.

Thirdly, if your organization is still at the start-up stage, how do you intend to attract talents to your organization. There is a high chance you might need external help to bring talents to you.

How can an executive search firm value add to your organization?

    Over years of networking and sourcing for talents, the executive search firm would have built up a strong database of candidate of different industries. Not only they can target active job seekers through job boards and advertisements, they can approach passive candidates through their database. The database allow executive search firms to understand the talent market in various industries. The knowledge is essential in formulating strategies in terms of talent sourcing and acquisition. As valuable as the database can be, usually organizations do not have the time and manpower to achieve the scale that executive search firm possess.

    The KPI of executive search firm’s recruiters are usually not the number of CV sent but more so on placements. Therefore, the aim of the recruiter is always to send the best candidate so that the placement occurs faster. To determine the best, they will need to screen the candidates thoroughly. Most of the time, executive search firms have something called the “Guaranteed Period” whereas the candidate must stay in the organization for a period of time, if not the firm will have to provide a replacement. Hence, they will not flood you with tons of CVs but to send you the best.

    Typically, organization engages the services of more than 1 executive search firm unless they are on exclusive contracts. With several recruiters working towards filling one role, this increases the competitiveness of the executive search industry. Therefore, many search firm will want to build strong relationship with their clients by providing value adding consultative services such as market mapping and analysis. On top of hiring based on the job description given, the recruiters will communicate with you closely to better understand the needs holistically.

    Executive search firm can be good addition to your talent acquisition strategy, so consider using them!

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