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Video Interview is probably going to become the main mode of interview moving forward. During the pandemic, we witnessed how social distancing measures have drastically reduced face-to-face interactions among people. Therefore, for hiring processes to carry on, virtual strategies have to be implemented.

Challenges of Video Interviews for Interviewers

Assessing of body language – You cannot really see the full-body, hand gestures or micro-facial expressions that clearly through video calls
Building Rapport – Many of us are used to socializing face-to-face so it may seem a little awkward to build rapport at the start of the interview
Sharing of Company Culture – When the interview is held at the office, the candidate can immerse into the company culture from the moment they step through the door. However, if the interview is done on a video call, other digital strategies will be required.

Strategies to Conduct an Effective Video Interview

Personality Test

Traditionally, interviewers will assess the candidate’s personality through their interactions during the interview. However, it can be difficult to assess this component objectively as there can be a lot of assumptions and biases. Therefore, using a personality test can be a good tool to use before the interview to have better clarity of the candidate.

Non-traditional Interview Questions

Candidates are very used to traditional and standard questions, where most of the “model answers” can be found online. Now, with them behind the screen, it is easy for them to read out the “model answer” without you knowing. Therefore, asking questions that are out of the norm can help you to assess their capabilities better. For example, if you want to assess logical thinking, you can ask “You have fallen into a big bowl of noodles. How do you escape from it?” Look out for their thinking process, problem-solving capabilities as well as creativity from the answer.

Do your Research

Do you find yourself asking the candidate questions such as “What does your previous company do?” in the interview? As video interviews are usually short, you might want to prioritize and ask effective questions. The answer to some questions, such as the above example,  can be found on the internet. Spending perhaps 30mins before the interview to do some research can help you to generate deeper questions to analyze the candidate better during the interview.

Keep moving together with the trends!