Using Market Intelligence

in Talent Acquisition and Management.

Comprehensive research done by Kingfisher on industries and key players for our clients to gain market intelligence and design a forward thinking business structure which drives effective talent acquisition and management.

Market Survey

Gain Insights of the Talent Landscape

Kingfisher’s Market & Talent Survey is a comprehensive research of the entire industry or the main competitors’ current status and development trends. It is a highly customized service which can be tailored to cover a range of scope including organization structure, sales force headcounts, compensation and more.

Talent Assessment

Unique, Miniaturized & Standardized Assessment Center

Our assessment center has a certain competency model founded with a combination of different assessment tools, a simulation based center which allows participants to show competencies via different angles to be assessed.

Simulation based exercises are the core of the Assessment Center. Based on certain competency model behind the role, we classify behaviors observed in different simulation exercises with professional assessors participation, evaluate and assess the suitability.

Our Other




Kingfisher Executive Search offers recruitment solutions globally and recognized by our clients as their preferred recruitment partners for both contingent and retained search services.



Introduced in 2009, Kingfisher has completed over 40 RPO projects that enabled our clients to improve their recruitment processes, lower cost and to focus their resources on their core business.