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Human Resource Management
October 15, 2019

Conquering Your First Day of Work

The “First Day of Work” situation is something that almost everyone will go through at least once in their whole lifetime. Beyond excitement, there will definitely be a tinge of...
Human Resource Management
October 11, 2019

Automation in Human Resource

With technological advancement, many jobs are increasingly facing automation. Certain industries, such as manufacturing, are hit harder than others. How about human resources manager? Will robots be able to replace...
Human Resource Management
October 8, 2019

Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success

An article by Harvard Business Review on how smart people sabotage their own success caught our attention. Myth: Smart People will be successful in their careers. This can’t go wrong...
Job Hunt
October 1, 2019

How to ace your video interview?

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular these days. Due to technology and globalization, the world is becoming “border-less”. Job opportunities that were once situated in other parts of the globe...
Human Resource Management
September 26, 2019

Why employees quit?

After months of search, you finally found the talent that your organization need. The shock comes when a talent leaves, leaving you puzzled and wondering what went wrong? What can...
Job Hunt
September 24, 2019

Managing Salary Expectations

When you are job hunting, the question “What is your salary expectations?” will more often than not be raised. If asked face to face or over the phone, you wouldn’t...