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Upskilling & ReskillingHuman Resource Management
July 7, 2020

Upskilling & Reskilling

Today’s business environment is ever-evolving and highly competitive. Thus, having the necessary skills would greatly boost the effectiveness of a business strategy. Without upskilling & reskilling employees would fall behind…
FailureHuman Resource ManagementJob Hunt
June 23, 2020

Benefits of Failure

We hear a lot of success stories. Usually, successes are glorified while failures are hidden. This could be due to survivorship bias or just a habit of the society to…
One DegreeHuman Resource Management
June 12, 2020

One Degree Difference

An extra degree from 99°C to 100°C can transform water into steam, whereas lowering one degree from 1°C to 0°C can freeze water into ice. One degree as small as…
SkillsJob Hunt
June 10, 2020

Skills for Post-COVID World

COVID-19 caught the world off guard and many of us are unprepared to deal with the challenges. Other than being introduced to telecommuting, many of us were faced with tremendous…
Putting People FirstHuman Resource Management
May 29, 2020

Putting People First

Putting people first is not something uncommon in today’s business context. This is further amplified especially with the pandemic impacting companies and their employees significantly. Ever since the start of…
Digital DetoxHuman Resource Management
May 27, 2020

Time for Digital Detox

How much time do you spend on digital platforms such as your laptops, mobile phones, or television each day? In front of the laptop doing your work from 9 to…