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There are two types of recruitment mistakes: avoidable and unavoidable. It is important to make good hiring decisions as the cost of a bad hire is not cheap. Not only are there financial repercussions, but non-financial elements such as time and resources might be wasted too. Here are some common recruitment mistakes that many might make.

Building a Job Description like a Shopping List

This means that you simply list down everything and anything you can think of for the role. At times, it can be a little unrealistic as this candidate might not even exist. Not defining the job description accurately might result in you not able to find the candidate that best fits the role and company.

Overemphasis on Resume

A resume is like a brochure that advertises the skills and experience of a candidate. When we purchase a product, we usually research and know more about the item before making a decision. Likewise, screening a resume is not enough to find out exactly if the candidate has a passion for the work. Further processes such as tests and interviews are required.

Lack of Perspectives

The hiring process should involve more than just one interviewer. If the candidate will be joining a team, then perhaps the peers can also be involved in the interview. This is so that there can be a more objective and unbiased decision made. Different stakeholders can provide their input to the hiring manager before the hiring decision is made.

Standard Interview Question

For the different levels of candidates, it is advisable to have a different set of questions for them. If you are looking to hire an expert, it would not be very appropriate to ask them entry-level questions during the interview. Not only will that hinder you from getting valuable insights about the candidate, but some candidates might find it rather disrespectful as well.

Lack of Manpower

There are many elements in recruitment: from posting job advertisements to arrangement interviews to onboarding. It is important to ensure that every stage is done professionally as it is a form of employer branding and impression for the candidates. If your HR department is struggling to keep up, you might want to consider alternative solutions such as outsourcing.

Hiring the right talent and you see the difference he/she can make in the organization