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What is your work-from-home set-up like?

Having a working environment at home is very important especially when remote working is becoming the new norm. Having a good working environment helps bring normalcy and productivity when working. There will not be a perfect set-up, however, interviewers can also use this chance to assess their problem-solving skills and creativity in setting up a low distraction and productive workstation at home.

Assess: Work-from-Home Environment, Problem-Solving Skills, Creativity

How do you manage stress and avoid burnout?

It is important for candidates to be able to manage stress especially during uncertain periods like this. Remote working also make it difficult for managers to constantly keep their employees in check. Therefore, with proper stress coping mechanisms in place, employees can be able to keep their morale and productivity high. The hiring manager can also through this question understand the hobbies and interests of the candidate as well.

Assess: Stress Management, Time Management, Hobbies & Interests

What will you do if you are going into a video call with your team, but some tech issues occurred?

This is potentially a common problem for many of us. However, what we want to take away from this question is whether the candidate will be able to stay calm and compose during a “crisis”. Instead of dwelling on the current problem, but to think on their feet on what are the next steps to do.

Assess: Forward Looking, Adaptability, Emotional Management

How do you maintain a positive working relationship if everyone is not physically present in the office?

Interacting and bonding used to easier when everyone is in the office. One of the greatest challenges in remote working is keeping everyone engaged and bonded. This interview question can be used to determine the value of a relationship to the candidate to determine is he/she is suitable to be in an individual contributor role or a collaborative role.

Assess: Teamwork, Relationship Management, Communications

What do you do to upgrade and reskill yourself?

In the current world where technology is constantly changing the way we do things, it is important for all of us to constantly upgrade and keep up with the changes. Therefore, this question is to assess the candidate’s attitude towards learning and whether are they resistant to change.

Assess: Flexibility, Attitude to Learn