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We deliver integrated, customized and scalable permanent workforce solutions across a wide range of industries that decrease time-to-fill and cost-to-fill for open positions.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Attracting the right people, bringing them on board and keeping them engaged are competitive advantages sought after by every business in the world. However, finding those people can be incredibly challenging. Facing with business expansion or organization restructuring, more and more enterprises are encountering the pressure on recruitment efficiency and cost control. Moreover, it is an increasing challenge for enterprises to optimize internal HR team by moving focus from talent acquisition to talent management and organization development.

With an ever-changing business landscape bringing strain on HR teams, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a controlled and sustainable solution to alleviate this pressure of workforce management in a cost-effective way. RPO solutions outsource internal recruitment to specialists who can manage your end-to-end recruitment process, effectively acting as an extension of your internal HR team.

RPO by Faculty

Faculty (part of Kingfisher International Recruitment Group) delivers integrated, customized and scalable permanent workforce solutions across a wide range of industries that decrease time-to-fill and cost-to-fill for open positions. By becoming an extension of your HR department we can oversee all or part of the entire talent acquisition spectrum, from hiring plan design to talent post hiring management. Our global perspective and local expertise become your greatest assets, future-proofing your organization so that you can effectively adapt to rapidly changing talent needs.

Exclusive Team

Our team of RPO professionals is the fundamental commitment to our client. Each RPO team (no matter onsite or offsite support) is fully dedicated to the client served. The team expertise could not be shared among clients since each RPO solution is customized upon client’s unique request. Our RPO team is composed of people who were RPO performers, hunters and in-house HR, all of whom will be fully engaged with the client served regardless of the background.

Sourcing Capability

Strong sourcing capability is the major advantage that differentiates Faculty from other RPO service providers. With 6 years of talent sourcing in three industries, our recruitment professionals are industry and function experts. They are able to source right talent in a very short period of time.

Industry Expertise

Our in-depth industry expertise is the ultimate outcome of 6 years of rich RPO experience. We focus on Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical / Medical Device and Retail industries, with respect to client base and talent pool. Owing to our exclusive service to each client, the current RPO team with solid industry knowledge and rich talent management experience has become the irreplaceable value of Faculty.

Cost Efficiency

Providing cost efficiency is the last but not least strength of Faculty RPO service. With a flat organization structure, all Faculty employees are RPO service implementers from the top down, which enables our client to benefit from an optimal service with a lower cost.

Fortune 500 Medical Devices MNC

2015 to 2017

  • End-to-End Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Success Story: RPO for a Medical Devices MNC

Our client is a global medical technology company that manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems and reagents. HR wanted to improve recruitment efficiency and satisfaction of internal stakeholders, as well as to support strategic restructure of HR team.

The challenges were:

  • A large amount of new headcount to be filled within 3 months
  • Unclear recruitment process and selection criteria
  • Lack of central management of recruitment channels, more expense less efficiency
  • Dissatisfaction of line managers on new hire quality, high new hire turnover within probation

How we did it?

To improve the efficiency, we set up team of 2 onsite Consultants and 6 back office researchers. By using a standard interview assessment sheet and multiple interview methods, we speed up the selection process from 3 weeks to 2 weeks. Owing to strong sourcing capability, our sourcing hub could shortlist candidates for new openings within 3 days. Also, we improved the satisfaction through active communication with hiring managers to understand their hiring needs. We became the only local supplier for RPO service for 3 years to fill annual 200+ positions. Previously four in house recruiters were all transferred to HRBP.

Fortune 500 Oil & Gas MNC


  • End-to-End Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Success Story: Engineering Centre RPO

Our client is one of the world’s three largest gas companies with operations in 45 countries and regions.

Our client targeted at hiring 50 new Engineers within 3 months for their newly-built engineering center in Shanghai. Since they were shortage of in house talent acquisition team, Faculty was selected for this project with a team consisting of 1 onsite Consultant and 4 offsite Researchers,owing to the superior industry expertise and quick talent pooling ability.

However,we still faced challenges in the sourcing and offering process. Because of experienced manpower and driving excellence attitude, we successfully completed the project with high recognition from our client

Challenges and solutions:

Complex sourcing channel and dispersed talent pool
We added extra 2 offsite researchers with rich industry background in the first month to ensure the sourcing coverage and volume. Our onsite sourced 172 candidates national wide in one month from MNC and local competitors, clients (iron plants, petrochemical companies, electronics companies and etc.), engineering companies and designing institutes. Besides, the weekly mapping report kept our client noted of external labor market and sourcing status.

Client’s existing compensation is not attractive
In the offering stage, the noncompetitive salary made 4 candidates turn down offer in a week. We provided quick solutions accordingly.On the one hand, we persuaded hiring managers to take more qualified candidates from Designing Institutes whose employees had less salary package. On the other hand, we successfully convinced candidates from Engineering Companies to reach a compromise between salary and career development. Meanwhile, the onsite Consultant prepared a candidate salary survey to convince the client’s management team to take a new offering proposal for talent attraction.

Unreasonable expectation on external talent market
Our onsite Consultant kept daily talk with hiring managers via providing all kinds of mapping report (candidate mapping and competitor survey). After one month,we successfully achieved a more practical selection standard of hiring managers.

In the end, we successfully filled all 50 positions on time with no attrition in the 1st 6 months.

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