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Kingfisher HR Solutions Group is a global provider of total HR solutions.

We help design people strategies, attract and develop talents worldwide across industries with a focus on Healthcare & Life Science, Retail & Consumer Goods, Industrial & Manufacturing,Professional Services, Digital & Technology, and Financial Services.

Established since 2003

Kingfisher brings over 20 years of knowledge and network in our specializations.

Specialization within Verticals

Our consultants specialize in both industry and functional verticals to provide a deep understanding of their respective markets.

Multi-Dimensional Approach

Our high touch consultative engagement approach provides a customized recruitment service model for our clients ranging from Executive Search to Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Global Coverage

We have 13 regional offices and 4 sourcing hubs around the world to facilitate international search to bring the best talents and opportunities to you.

Our Kingfisher Story

To be as accurate and agile like a Kingfisher in the things we do everyday.

Kingfishers are bright green, blue or orange birds that hovers over water in search of their prey. After they have locked onto their prey, they use their long, dagger-like bills to strike. Due to their anatomy, some kingfishers specialize in hunting fish and some hunting insects. Their excellent vision and foresight allow them to hunt effectively even with the challenge that is presented them due to the refraction and reflection of water. In addition to that, it is only when the Kingfisher spots the moving fish of the right size, type and depth then they will strike. Kingfishers are so precise that they are crowned one of nature’s best hunters.

We do our business everyday like kingfishers too.

We provide headhunting solutions for our clients and strives to have the same accuracy and agility as our nature’s counterpart. This accuracy and agility reflect our ability to find candidates with the right fit, skills and experience in this highly competitive talent market for our clients. With talent shortage these days, this is where our experience and foresight will allow us to tide through during the recruitment process and fulfill our promise to our clients. Our consultants are specialist recruiters whereby they provide their recruitment services in the areas where their expertise lies in so that the highest quality of service can be delivered. Therefore, this is how the kingfisher bird’s way of life resonates with us. This is why we are called Kingfisher Recruitment Group.

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Industry & Functional Specialization

Our specialist consultants provide an in-depth market understanding coupled with a strong talent network.

Kingfisher Group offers HR solutions globally to over 600 MNCs across various industries and have been recognized by our clients as their preferred partners for HR services.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Digital & Technology

Retail & Consumer Goods

Industrial & Manufacturing

Financial Services

Professional Services

Human Resources

Data Science & Analytics

Legal & Compliance

Accounting & Finance

We provide quality and value-added HR solutions.