What makes you stand out among the 7.7 billion people in the world? A strong personal branding brings professional opportunities to you and enable you to exert influence over certain topics which you are a thought leader in.

Over the years, the tools to enhance one’s personal branding has evolved tremendously. As what we all know, with digital age comes with digital solutions.

LinkedIn is the first place that most people will go to when it comes to professional personal branding.

The process starts from creating an account, putting up your photo, some description of yourself and then waiting for magic to happen eventually. It sounds easy doesn’t it?

However, with over 500 million LinkedIn users, how can your increase the probability of you getting the job that you want, hiring that talent that you need or even getting a burning issue across?

Your Personal Branding Focus

Before we dive into the details on boosting your personal branding, some thoughts have to be put in. Firstly, what message do you want to bring across? Is there a skill that you want to showcase? Have a focus and carve a niche. Don’t be too excited to include everything that you are passionate about, select the one that you want your audience to takeaway after viewing your profile. Consistency in your profile will help you to be more credible and make it easier for you to be recognized in that field.

Improving your LinkedIn Personal Brand Image

Picture speaks a thousand words, but are your profile and cover photo conveying the right messages to your audience? First impression counts and we have to agree that we live in a visual world. Choose a professionally taken photo as your profile picture and a banner which best reflects your personal brand. In addition to that, leverage on the headline section to tell a short but impactful message on what you are doing. Using keywords in your headline helps a lot to increase your visibility in that field.

Content Aspects

The “About” and “Experience” segment should be consistent with the rest of your profile and advocating the same message. For your “Activity”, don’t hold back on sharing articles or videos that resonates with you. Engage actively in conversations, you never know if you will meet someone who is impressed with your knowledge and profile. If you can create your own content to tell your brand story, that will be awesome. If possible, provide constructive feedbacks and mentoring to others to build more connections with like-minded people. Being more in the public helps your personal brand to be exposed to others.

Be genuine and original. You can refer to successful branding strategy by others for some inspiration, but do not copy. You are you and what works for others might not be the same for you.

Personal Branding Holistically

Align your online and offline personal brand. You don’t want to give your audience a huge shock when they see you face to face and realize you are not what they thought you are online. As you progress in your career, your personal branding objectives may change. Review and evolve your personal branding to keep it relevant and effective.

Done with your personal branding but can’t wait for the opportunities to roll in?

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