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The way we do job search these days have changed drastically due to the pandemic. The most obvious change will be that many of the processes are done virtually instead. Here are some tips to prepare yourself for your job search in the new norm.

Practice Video Interviews

With social distancing measures, face-to-face interviews will be done virtually. If you are applying for jobs now, be mentally prepared for video interviews and know how to conquer it. Here are some tips for video interviews.

  • Find a space where there will be as little distractions as possible
  • Dress appropriately
  • Practice video interview with a friend

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Virtual Networking

Events will be canceled for a while, so it is time to find a new networking strategy. Find professional groups to join on LinkedIn and Facebook. For example, if you are interested to look for a job in marketing, you could look for a professional group in that area. Join in the conversations, posts, comments, and make yourself visible. Keep expanding your network!

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Enhance your virtual profiles

Improve your virtual profiles on social media, such as LinkedIn or even Facebook. LinkedIn and other online career sites are often used by many talent acquisition specialists. You can consider the following to enhance your virtual profile to help you in your job search.

  • Incorporate multimedia
  • Add Examples of your work
  • Include links to outside profiles or portfolios

This segment should be something that should not be neglected during your job hunt.

Understanding the Job Climate

During the pandemic, some hiring processes are moving at a slower pace. Replies and interviews might come back slower, so try not to be too anxious. You can take the initiative to email and find out what is happening regarding your application. This would show that you are interested in and care enough to follow through. However, you do not want to sound invasive or demanding, so draft an email that seems like you actually care about their well being and that of the company and that you are also interested in supporting them through the current situation.

Improve yourself, learn a new skill

Work on yourself, now being the perfect time to boost your qualifications. Analyze job descriptions by looking out of what are the required skills and experience, then consider whether you have such skills. If you don’t you could consider going for online courses to upgrade yourself and make yourself an even better candidate when the job market picks up again.

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Onboard to the new norm of job search today!