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Over the years, we have seen how hiring processes and strategies changed. For example, moving from print advertisements to job portals and using scenario-based questions instead of generic ones. In 2020, COVID-19 further amplifies and accelerates the change due to a shift in the way we live and work. Let’s see what has changed over the last few months and probably something we should embrace moving forward.

Video & Virtual Hiring Processes

Due to social distancing measures and lockdown, companies had to embrace the use of digital means to hire. For example, navigating through LinkedIn and other job portals to look for potential candidates as well as embarking on video interviews to meet them. This new norm might be a little challenging especially when most interviews have always been done face-to-face. However, candidates and hiring managers are starting to see the benefits of virtual processes such as cost and timing savings.

Location is no longer a limit for hiring

Moving hiring processes online means that location does not have to be a limiting factor anymore. A job opportunity in a company can be promoted to a much bigger talent pool if they are open to remote working arrangements during this period.

Demands and Expectation for Work is Shifting

Companies might be taking a more conservative approach in terms of hiring in the next few months due to several uncertainties. Not only that, shifting their focus from hiring the top talent to someone who is resilient and fluid to deal with ambiguity. From a candidate perspective, they are also looking for companies that can provide job security and employee welfare. This can be due to witnessing how certain industries and companies struggled to survive in this business climate.

What hasn’t change?

Soft Skills is as important as ever

While technical skills and experience are essential to perform the role, soft skills will be the factor of whether someone will progress further in their career. This is especially so during this period where soft skills such as resilience and communication are being tested. Moving forward, soft skills might be one of the deciding factors for companies when coming into a decision on who to hire.

Streamlining Hiring Process

With new digital tools introduced, companies can improve their current hiring processes and reduce time to hire. The onboarding to digital channels has been significant over the years, but the pandemic created an instant need for companies. Companies that are still on manual and tedious hiring processes will lose out in terms of speed and quality. Even though hiring might not be prioritized now, but it is important to start improving the process. This is so that when hiring picks up again, you can be ready.

Are you ready to tackle the new norms in hiring?