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Technology has constantly evolved over the years making it easier for businesses to find qualified candidates from all around the world and opening new prospects for job seekers. It has opened new possibilities for recruiters and hiring managers to further reach out to candidates.

1. Usage of digital assets to speed up the recruitment process

  • AI and analytics tools are now available to ease the workload of recruiters and hiring managers. For example, resume screening tools help to reduce time by qualifying resumes according to certain requirements using AI.
  • Big data provides insights on where to source for the right candidate who fits the job description efficiently.
  • Real-time data could analyze the hiring process and figure out areas of inefficiencies to implement improvement plans.
  • Having a recruiting software/applicant tracking system can help you to better track applicant communication, relationships, and progress

2. Conducting Video or Mobile Interview

  • Interviews are now more accessible with candidates not having to travel or are located in different areas or countries.
  • Video interview eliminates chances of delays in scheduling for face-to-face meet up for both parties.
  • All in all, it frees up more time for the hiring managers and recruiters to interview more candidates as well.

3. Usage of Social Media

In recent years, more people are using social media profiles as an extension of their professional personalities and branding. Companies have also started to build their presence online and successfully hired employees through social media.

  • Employer Branding Content – Such as corporate videos, company culture photos, and testimonials from employees. These contents are often published on the company website and social media platforms for potential candidates to know more about them and why they should join them. By doing so, it helps increase the response rate to job postings and attract candidates that best resonates with their direction.
Technology will continue to change the world in ways you have never imagined.

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