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Over the last few months, we have seen new hiring patterns emerging from various industries due to the pandemic. Some are affected more than others; however, the constant is that every company is undergoing some form of change. It is important to understand these changes so as to plan your hiring strategy for the next few months.

Change in Hiring Strategy

Some companies are moving from a Business Expansion strategy to a Business Continuity strategy. Headcount freeze, pay cuts, streamlining of teams are quite commonly used to reduce risk in such unprecedented times. However, some businesses, such as e-Commerce or Healthcare, might see a surge in their hiring due to the current demand. Companies can also take this opportunity to realign and hire moderately to build their team. This is so that when the economy recovers, they will be all prepared. On this note, it depends on the financial position of your organization and the current demand of the economy to determine the plan moving forward.

Workforce Planning

Through this pandemic, many companies are starting to see the importance of being agile and flexible. Those who are not able to adapt to change or identify the new hiring patterns will eventually be at a disadvantage. Many companies are now looking at alternative forms of hiring, such as contracting and outsourcing, to obtain the skills required for the new norm.

Social Distancing

Hiring processes have to evolve to complement social distancing and remote working arrangements. Predominately done face-to-face, virtual interviews and onboarding are now conducted differently. Remote working comes with its own set of challenges as well. Individuals who have self-disciplined and can work independently will be one of the essential traits hiring managers will be looking for. Being technologically savvy is also a non-negotiable factor as many processes and communications are now done online.

Understand the Hiring Patterns, Determine your Next Steps