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Today’s business environment is ever-evolving and highly competitive. Thus, having the necessary skills would greatly boost the effectiveness of a business strategy. Without upskilling & reskilling employees would fall behind facing continuous change caused by workplace needs of the ever-changing business environment. Upskilling and reskilling are not a one-time thing, it is something to be done continuously to keep up with the changes as well as be prepared for the future.

The difference between Upskilling & Reskilling


When we talk about “Upskilling”, it means to “learn new skills or to teach workers new skills”, in other words, to enhance an employee’s capabilities while staying within the same job profile.


On the other hand, “Reskilling” would be “to learn new skills so that you can do a different job”. “Reskilling” is normally undertaken by companies where long-term employees are made redundant or laid off. Through “Reskilling”, employees can possibly go into a completely different career.

Ways to Upskill & Reskill

Formal training

The most common method is of course through training programs. Back then, most trainings are done face-to-face, however with the new norms of digital transformation online trainings are gaining popularity as well. Companies can

  • Send their employees for sponsored courses at learning institutes
  • Lunch and learn sessions live or online where professionals conduct workshops within their specialist field.
  • Online training, such as attending webinars, or subscribing to an online learning platform


An internship-like program for experienced employees to return to the workforce after a long period. It is known to be one of the best ways to target women who left the workplace on parenting leave or assumingly other caring responsibilities, if not those who seek change. Such programs can be organized by companies to potentially reskill or upskill these talents to fill up some gaps within the organization.

Employee Support Group

The support group creates an environment of cross-learning. Most employees have different skillsets and experience. Therefore, learning from each other can be a good way to help each other upskill and reskill. The group can consist of employees from different departments and they can come together every month for a session together.

Are you committed to life-long learning already?

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