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We hear a lot of success stories. Usually, successes are glorified while failures are hidden. This could be due to survivorship bias or just a habit of the society to just not talk about failures. However, there is a lot of benefits we can reap if we change our perspectives of how we view failure and embrace them.

Failure can teach you lessons

When you fail, it basically means something or somewhere is not good enough yet. When you can identify that gap and address it, you are one step closer to success. Treat failure as lessons that guide you to where you want to be. Learn from your own failures or from the failures of others. Even though at times going through your own failures will leave a greater impact, but it can be unnecessary if you already know that’s the wrong move to do.

Failure trains you to be stronger

We put in hard work and effort every single day in hopes to achieve the outcome we will it to be. However, there will be times where things just do not go your way. So, from that point, what do you do? Do you give up or pick yourself up? Going through failures helps you to learn how to manage your emotions and realign your focus. Feeling disappointed is a given, but by having failures as breakfast, you will be less likely to dwell on failures but to pick up the lessons and move on better.

Keeps you grounded and humble

Imagine a life with no failures, the world we live in is so perfect that we might lose the drive to improve ourselves or seek knowledge. Failure is here to remind us that no one is perfect and there is so much to know in this world. Stay humble and hungry for improvements and commit yourself to lifelong learning.

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” - Winston Churchill.

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