An extra degree from 99°C to 100°C can transform water into steam, whereas lowering one degree from 1°C to 0°C can freeze water into ice. One degree as small as it seems can bring about big changes to the things we do. Doing it one more time, practicing one more hour or removing one hour of social media scrolling, if we do it consistently every day, the results that come to us can be exponential.

How can the One-Degree Difference concept help us to improve?

For Individuals

Daily Work

  • Doing 1 more sale call a day will, in turn, bring you over 300 extra sales call each year. How will that benefit you?
  • Investing 1 more hour a week to evaluate your business processes. With 52 hours invested a year to improve your processes, how efficient will you become?
  • Catching up or helping 1 more colleague a day. How much impact will you have made to someone’s life?

Personal Growth

  • Spending 1 more hour each day to read or practice something that you like. How much better will you be at it in a month?
  • Setting aside 1 more hour each week to do self-reflection. What will you understand better about yourself?
  • Exercising 1 more half an hour a day. How much can it improve your mental and physical health in a year?

For Organizations

For Employees

  • Adjusting HR policies to provide employees with 1 more perk. How much happiness will it bring to your employees?
  • Organizing 1 more team building activity every quarter. What relationship and teamwork improvements can be achieved?
  • Conducting 1 more feedback session every quarter. How much more appreciated will employees feel and the understanding organization will have on the employees?

For Core Business

  • Organizing 1 more discussion session every month to talk about improvements in service, product, or employee engagement. What change can it bring to the organization’s performance?
  • Investing 1 more day every month to have training or even have brainstorming sessions to innovate and digitalize the business. How much ahead will you be from competitors?

Above are just some examples and the list is definitely non-exhaustive. Look at your daily habits and schedule and see which area you will like to improve on. The initial inertia might be high, the first few attempts might feel useless. However, just keep doing and stay disciplined to follow through what you have set out for yourself to do. It’s just one-degree difference, a step at a time every day.  Be consistent and the results will just come by the way.

If the creators of some of the most awesome things in the world gave up one attempt right before the successful attempt, will we be enjoying them today?

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