Putting people first is not something uncommon in today’s business context. This is further amplified especially with the pandemic impacting companies and their employees significantly. Ever since the start of the pandemic, the HR department of every organization is activated and is working round the clock to implement policies to ensure that employees are taken care of. With that many are starting to appreciate and see the importance of HR during this period and moving forward.

What are the roles of HR during the pandemic?


The HR department has to work with the management team to address the concerns of employees and also to assure them of plans moving forward. This is essential as many employees might feel lost and insecure during this period. Proper communication channel needs to be established especially during this period so that clear messages can be passed down.

Not only that, but the HR department also has to inform employees who are made redundant or furlough and to manage their emotions as well.

Work-from-Home (WFH) Arrangement

The HR department might have to be involved to help employees set up their workstation at home. For example, ensuring employees get training on how to use certain resources for work or even providing laptops for them as well.

In addition to that, the HR department has to also come out with employee engagement programs virtually to engage employees. Especially during this period where morale can be low and working from home can be challenging for some employees. Therefore, HR plays a very big part to ensure employees stay sane and productive at home.

Strategy Planning

Apart from business contingency plans, HR has to re-evaluate its policies as well. The existing benefits system might need to be changed as many are on WFH arrangements. Instead of a pantry filled with food, food e-vouchers can be provided for employees. Not only that, hiring freeze for a long period of time might result in the organization being a step slower than competitors to reach out to talents post-pandemic. Therefore, the HR department has to look through the current resources of the organization and strike a balance between forward-looking as well as surviving the existing crisis.

The pandemic triggered changes that could’ve been only implemented 5 to 10 years down the road. Organizations are forced to change and reminded to divert their resources to their human capital as well. People are your greatest asset and should always be put first. During the pre-pandemic days, we saw how organizations are all about their products, daily operations, branding, and such. The pandemic presented us with the opportunity to witness the vulnerability in humans and the impacts it can have on organizations.

Put our hands together and thank our HR and all the staffs that ensure we are taken care of during this period.

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