Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular these days. Due to technology and globalization, the world is becoming “border-less”. Job opportunities that were once situated in other parts of the globe are now almost reachable to everyone.

However, one impact of this phenomenon will be that traditional face-to-face interview will not be feasible anymore due to geographical differences. In addition to that, with the rise of video conferencing solutions, it allows interviews to be done anywhere, anytime. Therefore, video interviews will be the next big thing and we should realign our interview skills to tackle this.

Video Interview Tips

1. Be aware of your environment

Just because you can take that video interview anywhere also means that you are susceptible to more factors that could be a distraction to you and the interviewer. Noise, messy backgrounds, pets and children running around and any extra tabs and notifications on your computer screens. Your environment is extremely important because it counts into your first impression. The way you prepare for the video interview and manage your room speaks a lot about your work ethics. You might not be aware, but experienced interviewers do.

  • Quiet & private room
  • Clean and neat background – remove all clothing piles/posters
  • Proper lighting
  • Avoid public places – noise problem, interference by others
  • Glaring lights

2. Do your technical preparations

First, but the most important element, is to know the video conferencing software that will be used. Download the software at least 1 day before and be familiar with the interface to avoid any delays during the actual interview. Do a technical trial for your web cam, audio and built-in microphone with someone to check on the clarity of image and sound. Also, ensure that your device is fully charged and you’re at a place with good internet connection. Essentially what you need to do is to avoid and reduce any possible interference that may happen to your interview and deprive you of your opportunity to get that dream job of yours.

  • Do a trial run on all your devices and equipment
  • Invest in good quality equipment
  • Last minute preparation

3. Enhancing your strategy for video interview

Many of the skills and strategies, such as punctuality, body language and answering techniques, for interviews are still relatively the same for face-to-face and video interview. However, with the interviewer not physically around pose certain challenges as well. Firstly, candidate might feel so comfortable in their own room that they become too casual. For example, dressing professionally only from waist up and neglecting the bottoms as the candidate assume that the web cam is never going to be able to capture that. Secondly, maintaining eye contact and good body posture. The camera should be placed at a comfortable level so that you can maintain eye contact while keeping a good sitting posture at the same time. Thirdly, checking with the interviewer whether are you audible.

  • Practice with someone and get feedback
  • Dress up fully to get yourself ready for a professional interview
  • Always ensure that the interviewer can see and hear you clearly
  • Assuming that the interviewer can see and hear you clearly
  • Being too comfortable
All in all, it’s really all the little details that you can do to make the experience better for yourself and the interviewer.

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