Were there times where you felt good about the interview, but only to realize that you were not chosen? Beyond knowing the key skills to ace an interview, it is also essential to know what to avoid so as to maximize your chance. Let us explore what are the statements to avoid saying in an interview.

1. “Bro, you know…” – Overly Informal Statements During Interview

Some interviewers might be very welcoming and friendly but that does not give you the green light to be unprofessional during the interview. Avoid using slangs or informal terms like “LOL” or “IKR” during the interview even though it’s rather well understood by everyone. Always speak in proper English and stay professional!

2. “My boss is just… argh” – Negative Comments of Past/Present Employer

There are several repercussions for speaking bad about your past or present employer. Firstly, it reflects badly on you. If you can speak bad about them, you can speak bad about the current employer you are applying to as well. Secondly, what If your past/present employer is a friend of the interviewer, will hearing those comments create a good first impression for you? Thirdly, being emotional during the interview will result in you to be less impartial. What you should do is to avoid emotionally charged comments and focus on hard facts.

3. “Using OCR in my FES work enabled me achieve my WNF targets” – Avoid Jargons

The above statement is fictional. However, the takeaway from this point is that some acronyms or jargons are not understood by people outside of your scope or work. At times, certain jargons are only used in a particular company. Many of times, interviewers are HR personnel and they are definitely not that technical. If the interviewer is not able to understand you, then how do you think you will fare for communication skills? Hence, keep your sentences and simple, if you need to use jargons, try to further explain and elaborate as well.

4. “What is the pay like?” – Talking About Salary at the wrong time of the Interview

Avoid being the first person to talk about salary even though ultimately it will be raised up at certain points of the interview. However, when the question is raised by the interview, you should also be ready for it.

5. “…” – Awkward Silence

Prepare beforehand for such moments as well. Scenarios where there is a yes/no reply and the conversation just die there. Think of some questions you can ask so that it can show that you are interested in the role as well as break the awkward silence If there is a need to.

The list is not exhaustive and many of times you have to play by ear, however, fret not and enjoy the process.

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