This is a question more often than not be asked by hiring managers during an interview. Even if this question is not posed to you during the interview, you should have known the answer before you have applied for this job. Now, how should you answer this to impress the hiring manager?

Why do hiring managers ask about this?

Many of times, this question is asked to determine your fit to the company. Are your personal career goals and aspirations align with the business directions? What will be your motivation and commitment to the business if you are being hired? Are you of a culture fit to the business? A simple question like this might be a test and it can set you aside from other candidates for the position. At the end of the day, some people might want it more than others.

How to answer this question?

Show your love for the company

There must be something that attracted you to apply in the first place. This is a good opportunity for you to share your knowledge about the company. It will be good if you can go into the specifics of what you exactly like about the company. Is it the training and development opportunities? Their corporate social responsibility activity? Therefore, before the interview you will need to spend some time to do up some research to determine what about the company that resonates best with you.

Explain why you are the one for the job

The next strategy one can consider using to tackle this question is through the skills and experience method. Sharing how your past experiences and skills brought you to where you are today and how the new job can further ignite your passion. You can use main responsibilities of the job on the job description to showcase how you are of a good fit to the company.

Share your career goals

Share with the hiring manager how this job makes good sense to be an addition to your pursuit of your career goals. Show that you will be invested in this job for a long while and not just as a stepping-stone in your career. If you have a strong motivation and love for the company, you will not go too wrong with this.

Do what you need to do to get the job. After all, who knows the answer to this better than you?

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