Job hopping has been a topic for discussion over the last few years in which whether is it a good or bad thing to do. Job hopping is generally defined as having a job stint in your career history that is less than 2 years long. The answer to that question is usually different for employees and employers. Whether is it good or bad, this phenomenon has been trending for a few years and it doesn’t seem to be dying down any moment.

Why is Job Hopping Good?

Greater Exposure and Experience

One of the advantages of job hopping is the exposure you get from each and every company you are in. Every organization has their own business model and skillsets that you can learn and takeaway from. The more organizations you are part of, the more you see. Your diverse background may be valuable to some potential employers as well.


Job hopping allows you to build a large professional network if you do it properly. If you leave your previous employers with good experience working with you, they might be your helping hand to your next new role. After all, having a strong professional network will definitely be of help to you at some point in your career.

Salary Increment

Job hopping can bring you to somewhere which can offer you a promotion and/or a higher salary without having to wait for changes internally. It can fast-track you to achieve your desired career goals.

Why should you rethink about Job Hopping?


If you have 2 or more of such job-hopping stints, your potential employers might question your loyalty and commitment to an organization. They might wonder why do you want this job. Hiring and onboarding you involves cost. When you job hop, there are cost to replacing you as well. Hence, such track records deter employers from wanting to hire you so as to reduce such risks.


When you have a short stint in a particular organization, you might not have mastered the skill sets that the organization can offer you there. Not only that, you might not be able to witness the impact that you have made through the projects that you participated in. No doubt you can get a higher salary if you job hunt, but your long-term skills and experiences will be compromised.


If you job hop too frequently in an industry that is niche and small, your profile might have been circulated quite a bit within the organizations. This is especially so if the employers know each other quite well within the industry. If your previous employer share with others that you are a job hopper, it might potentially affect your chances on your next move.

Before you job hop, always think long term!

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