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Mobile Job Search & Recruitment is potentially a big game changer in the world of recruitment moving forward. The reason why? Just think about the amount of time you spend on your smartphone and the endless functions of it. If your recruitment game do not include the use of mobile, you might be missing out something big out there.

Mobile Job Search for Job Seekers

1. Time Saving

Do you already find it tough to find pockets of time in a day to take a breather? If yes, how will you be able to find time to sit down in front of your computer to job hunt? This is where your smartphone will be an essential tool for you to job hunt on-the-go.

  • Using search engines to look up on company information
  • Saving a copy of your resume on your mobile phone
  • Applying for jobs with just a touch of the screen

These are functions you can perform with just a smartphone. When travelling or waiting for someone, you can always whip out your mobile phone and do your job hunt.

2. Convenience

The creation of mobile applications that connect job seekers with employers made job hunting much more convenient for everyone. With that, sourcing for jobs locally and globally are also made possible. These apps enable employers to post their job openings and recruit from all over the world. Many of times, these apps are designed to enhance candidate experience for job seekers. For example, through ease of application with auto-fill functions or even for employers to reply directly through the app without the need for email.

Mobile Recruiment for Employers

1. Reach

Mobile Recruitment also tap onto the power of social media to bring talents closer to you. Many of times, people are scrolling through social media on their mobile phones and these social medias are inbuilt with functions for people to look for jobs. If you do not have an account on these platforms, you are losing the opportunity to reach out to the millions of people worldwide where someone could be the one for your organization. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn or other job portals, be on it!

2. Multiple Outcomes

Not only will you be able to get the right talent for your organization through mobile recruitment, the platforms that you will be on also serve as an employer branding tool for your organization. Be it the information you put up or the candidate’s experience when applying for the role, it forms an impression of your organization to the candidate.

Get your smart phone ready and embark on the awesome journey of mobile recruitment & job search!

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