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Ever since COVID-19 happened, many businesses and livelihoods of people are affected. It is definitely stressful if you are being laid off or furlough as the economic outlook is rather uncertain at this point in time. Job seekers should consider taking a step back and plan what needs to be done first instead of frantically applying for jobs now.

1. Breathe & Stay Calm

Everyone has been saying that it is a tough period for job seekers, so count your blessings if you have a job. With that, you feel even more worried and uncertain about your job hunt. It will definitely be tough if you flood with your mind with all these negativities. At this point, keeping an open mind to what is available in the market is key. It allows you to understand the market and how can your existing skills and knowledge be able to land you into your next job. It might not be the job that you want the most, but it is still a platform for learning and growth.

2. Be Adaptable & Resilient

When this COVID-19 situation occurred, people who could not adapt or crumble due to stress suffer the most. During an economic crisis or pandemic like this, people or even businesses that can adapt may have a higher chance to tide through the situation. If you do not know how to do video interviews, this is the time you will lose out. If you are not able to do virtual networking, how are you going to find new job opportunities? This is the time where you have to be adaptable and not let the changes intimidate you.

We do not know how long the pandemic will last but do not give up on your job hunt. Employers will definitely want someone who is resilient and able to pull through such stressful situations. The days after the pandemic will not be easier, but what we can do is to be stronger. Be prepared to talk about experiences where you are adaptable and resilient during interviews, it can help you to earn more brownie points.

3. Pick Up New Skills

With the extra time now, instead of jumping right straight to the job hunt, you might want to take some time to upgrade yourself. Skills that you really wanted to learn but did not have time previously. This is especially important if you are made redundant due to obsolete skills. If you want to go back into the same industry or role, your skills need to be up to date with what is required today. You can identify the skill gaps by looking at a recent job description of a similar role from a competitor to see what you need to work on. It is not easy, but change is the only constant and back to Point 2, you have to be adaptable and resilient.

4. Reflection

Previously, when you are so busy with work every single day, you cannot even stop to take a step back and do some reflection. Therefore, you can consider taking advantage of this period to think through your next steps. Especially in terms of your career direction, where do you see yourself in your next job and probably the next 5 years. Before frantically applying for jobs, come out with a game plan and timeline. Having a plan helps job seekers to be more focused, objective, and effective.

Stay strong, stay safe.

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