The year is coming to an end in 2 days. How has 2019 been for you and your career? Was it fun? Fulfilling? Before diving right into 2020, it will be good to find some time to sit down and reflect on what happened throughout the year. Reflection helps you to be more aware of yourself, the things around you and strategize your plans for 2020.

Are you achieving your career goals?

Be it hitting your key performance indicators or getting a promotion, have you achieved it? If you have planned a series of milestones to hit before achieving your goals, are you on track? Either way, pen down what you have done well and what could have been better so that you can plan your strategy for 2020 to achieve greater heights.

Are you using your time effectively at work?

Looking back at the career goals or results you have attained, is it proportionate or justifiable for the time you have put in at work? Do you know what activities yield the best outcomes? This question strives to help you to point out activities at work that are distracting and do not help you to perform better at work. For example, if you have a certain process at work that is slow and tedious, perhaps you might want to spend some time to see how you can improve that process creatively.

Are you happy at work?

What do you like about your work? Are you satisfied with what your job offers you? Happiness is subjective but you should know what you like the best. Your working environment, your colleagues, your projects, your compensation packages and it goes on and on. Identify what makes you happy and what can be improved to make your experience at work even better. After all, no one wants to dread going to work every single day.

How are you going to take flight in 2020?

Now you have thought through the above questions, you should have a good gauge of how your 2019 was like. The next step you need to do is to craft out a plan for 2020 knowing what you should continue to do and where should you improve on. Before the new year arrives, remember to spend some time with your loved ones and recharge yourself to take on whatever that will be coming.

Thank yourself for the hard work in 2019, may 2020 be better for you!

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