There are no fixed answers to some things in life. This means that there is often more than one way to do a task and more often than not some will be more effective than others. Having creativity is one of the key drivers to coming out with unorthodox solutions for today’s problems. As organizations are starting to embrace and pursue creativity in their business model, how can employees also indulge in this culture as well? Don’t worry if you do not think you are creative as it can be picked up!

How to be more creative at work?

Mindset Shift

You can start to cultivate the habit of being more inquisitive towards the existing processes around you. Ask yourself this question “How can this be done better or faster?”. When your colleagues suggest something new, instead of saying no and sticking to status quo, how about saying “maybe” and be open to the possible success of it? No doubt certain traditional ways may still be the most effective way to do things, but this process trains your mind to be always on a look out for inspirations.

Inspiration Board

Whenever you see something that interest or amuse you, you might want to put it up on your inspiration board. Slowly but surely, the board will be filled up with many ideas and concepts. Surrounding yourself with creative ideas can help you think how you can improvise these ideas and concepts into your daily work to make it more fun and efficient for you.

Start Small

Don’t undermine the impact you can make when you change the way you do small things. Many of times, we perceive that we need big ideas to make an impact in our daily work. However, by changing the way we so small things such as how you start your day, how you write your emails and so on can help you to gain the momentum of thinking creatively. Not only that, you also will be able to capture the attention of your colleagues when you are able to make these seemingly normal tasks so interesting.


Conduct regular brainstorm sessions with your colleagues to generate new ideas. Challenge each other to come out with the most absurd ideas to make your work more efficient. Provide a challenge topic that is relevant to daily business processes and let everyone throw in their ideas. Make this a culture in your organization and you will never be lacking creative juices!

Take charge of your everyday work, inject some fun and challenge into it!

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