Ever wondered how you can increase your productivity at work by doing more with less time? With endless tasks to do, you can choose to either work longer hours or work smarter. To be honest, there’s only 24 hours in a day and many of us have other things to do out of work. Therefore, learning how to work smarter and faster will be very helpful to accomplish our tasks.

1. Two-minute rule for Productivity

Basically, this rule means that if you have a task that can be done in two minutes or less, do it immediately! If you procrastinate, you might forget about it later or take a longer time to complete it as the thought process is not there anymore. This habit allows you to make use of small pockets of time to complete tasks throughout the day so as to not let it pile up.

2. Be Proactive than Reactive

Have control of your time by planning out your schedule for the day. Essentially, setting time slots to complete a certain task and making sure that you stick to it. By being reactive would mean that you will be spending most of your time clearing tasks that are constantly incoming but neglecting the tasks on hand. Even though it is not possible to totally rule out urgent incoming tasks, but we should still always have a plan for the day.

3. Track your Time

There are times where we are focusing on a certain task and time fly past just like that! It is important to track the time we take to complete a task to see whether are there ways to speed up the process or to halt the task as you are facing certain difficulties to complete it. By understanding yourself and the time you take to do things, it can help you better plan your day so as not to overestimate the number of tasks to do each day.

4. Remove Distractions

Turn off notifications that are not relevant to your work. If you are very focus into doing a certain task, you can consider turning off notifications for text or even email, so that you will be less tempted to reply it until you are done with the current task. This is in sync with point 2 where following the plan for the day will increase your productivity rather than being reactive.

5. Take a break

This may sound counter-productive as you are spending time doing something that is not directly helping you to complete your task. However, some research has shown that taking regular breaks help with maintaining a good level of concentration and performance. On the other hand, constantly trying to work on the task without a break results in a decline in performance. Therefore, schedule breaks into your daily plan as well!

There are many other strategies to boost your productivity at work such as Decluttering your Office Desk, find the one that is best for you!

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