Businesses have been trying to find ways to improve the productivity of their employees for many years. To your surprise, one of the solutions is to simply declutter your office desk. For those who are always desk bound, this is something that you might want to take note of.

How does a cluttered office desk result in lower productivity?

Thinking back of your entire week at work, were there any instances you were frantically trying to find something somewhere? If you found it, that’s good, but time is wasted. If you did not, you have just lost time and information. Imagine going through this process every other day, stressful isn’t it? For managers, imagine everyone wasting those time and information, not worth it definitely. It’s time to declutter!

How to declutter your office desk?

1. Use Less Paper to Save the Earth and Your Time Too

Storing information on your computer can not only reduce the chances of it being lost, it can reduce the number of items on your desk as well. Many of times, people are trying to find that piece of paper for an information that is written on a small part of it. Well, saving it on your computer, you can Ctrl-f it and you can find it almost immediately.

2. Re-Evaluate the things on your Office Desk

Scan through the things on your desk, run through this question “How is this thing helping in my work?”. If that item serves a certain purpose, great. If not, time to get rid of it. Sometimes when we get too busy, we might just not have the time to clear them and things start to pile. It will probably be great to allocate 5 minutes each week to go through this thinking process. With lesser things on your office desk, it prevents collection of dust as well.

3. Folders, Labels, Organizers

Use folders to keep your papers organized. Create folders on your computer to keep your files organized. The act of categorising things helps you to find the right thing with minimal time. The higher-level problem that comes along the way is when you have too many folders. When that happens, labeling those folders will become the game changer. Labeling them or using folders of different colours help you to pinpoint to the right one. Using organizers for everything else on your desk will also be very helpful. Everything has their allocated place on your desk.

4. Do things in a Flow

In addition to point 3, putting things you use the most near you can help you have a quick access to it. It makes sense, isn’t it? However, many of us don’t practise that. If you use a lot of paper, you might want to consider putting uncompleted tasks on your left, doing it right in front of you and when you are done, putting completed tasks on the right. Hence, this constant left-to-right motion can prevent things from being everywhere.

Find your best strategy to be productive and efficient at work!

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