Games are part and parcel of everyone’s life, and they are here to stay regardless of the phase of life you are at. Beyond merely just for fun, games have evolved to be used for academic or even business purposes. With that being said, have you ever thought how gamification might change the recruitment scene in the near future?

In actual fact, companies, like Google and Marriott, have already introduced games in their recruitment process to help them to understand their candidates better. Now let us dive deeper into the benefits of gamification in recruitment.

1. Gamification improves candidate’s experience

Games engage your candidate during the recruitment process, and it sets your organization apart from others. By leaving a memorable experience for your candidates, whether they are hired or not at the end, they will become a strong brand ambassador for your organization. Who knows you might be able to even attract a larger pool of candidates with such games?

2. Help to evaluate candidate’s personality and skills

Games can be used to evaluate a candidate’s competencies in a more candid manner. As compared to traditional methods where the candidate might have gone through it so many times that they are able to prepare before the interview, games can be one of the ways to more accurately evaluate the candidate. A single game can test for several competencies. It helps to remove human errors and biases as well.

3. Enhance an organization’s recruitment process

If there are tons of applications for a job opening, the game score can be used to filter candidates who qualify for the next round of interview. This frees up HR’s resources and time that is used to vet through CVs for other responsibilities. By possibly being more accurate, it can help the organization to hire the best person in the shortest time.

One thing to note is that it is not easy to develop a game from scratch and it may be costly to engage a vendor to do it for you. However, take some time to review your recruitment process to see whether is it worth a shot to introduce games into the process.

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