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COVID-19 caught the world off guard and many of us are unprepared to deal with the challenges. Other than being introduced to telecommuting, many of us were faced with tremendous stress and uncertainty when we saw the economy crashing. Such conditions require us to adapt, unlearn, and relearn our existing skills to be ready for the Post-COVID World.

Skills for Post-COVID World

1. Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking

Challenges and change will be a constant moving forward. The COVID-19 has shown us that businesses need to come out with new business solutions to survive during this period. Businesses who are not able to change their business model to suit the current business climate were struggling. Hence, one who can analyze and think critically to solve ever-changing problems and challenges will definitely be a desired candidate or employee.

2. Emotional Intelligence

During the COVID-19 period, the outlook for some businesses was uncertain. Some countries were on lockdown, no one really knew when businesses can resume as usual. Both employees and employers will have to possess a good level of emotional intelligence and empathy in order to manage one’s own emotions and also the emotions of others. One who can understand what others are going through while keeping level-headed will be able to make better decisions. Most importantly, they will be ready to take on whichever challenges that come in the future.

3. Tech Savvy

Telecommuting requires you to use video conferencing tools or team collaboration tools. Social Media Marketing becomes one of the most efficient ways to stay connected and communicate with your stakeholders. Digital Transformation, such as using CRM, will also help to automate and increase the efficiencies of a business. These are already happening around us and we might already be using them. This is a trend and skill that will not be dying down any time soon so keep yourself updated and upgraded.

4. Life-Long Learning Attitude

Skills that are of high demand today might not be anymore a few years down the road. To constantly stay relevant and employable, we have to constantly upgrade ourselves so that we can contribute to value add to the organization. Not only that, it is also to crisis-proof ourselves so that we will be ready for any challenges that come towards us.

Are you ready for the post-COVID world?

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