Outsourcing has been a strategy that many organizations have taken to operate their day-to-day business. Be it outsourcing their recruitment process, customer service centers, IT services, or so on, it has brought tremendous benefits to the organization. However, with the COVID-19 and lockdowns in many places, outsourcing has also been impacted.

Impact on Outsourcing

Lockdowns – With lockdown in place, employees are not able to physically go to work. This itself creates a lot of issues in the delivery of services. For example,
  • Managing of Sensitive Information – Some information must be stored within an internal server and cannot be brought home. Therefore, such services might have to be halted.
  • Lack of Resources to Work-From-Home – Some employees might not have a proper computer or proper internet access at home. Therefore, services provided might not be as extensive as fast.
Falling Sick – If they are contracted with the illness, there might be a chance they are not able to perform their work as well.

What can you do?

Plan your resources

Look at your current resources, are they properly diversified in terms of location or reliance? If you are putting all your eggs into one basket, it might not be the best thing to do. You can consider reviewing your vendor list and see are they all in affected locations or are you overly reliance on a particular vendor. This is part of risk management whereby you ensure that your business can operate with minimal disruptions even if your vendors are affected.

Communicate with your Outsourcing Vendors

To gain greater assurance, communicate with your vendors to understand their current situation and any business contingencies plan. Probably for the next 6 months or longer. It is essential to know what your vendor can offer to do proper planning on your side as well. In addition to that, you can also work out some repayment model if you are facing any cash flow difficulties in the period.

Get a Consultant

If you are too caught up with your daily operations, executing business continuity plans, and engaging your employees, you might need some help in this aspect. With that, you can consider getting a consultant to analyze and manage the vendors for you. After all, this is an important aspect which should not be ignored as it will impact your business rather directly. With changing business landscape, the previous strategy will not work anymore. Therefore, it is vital to come out with a feasible new strategy as soon as possible.

Always attempt to think a few steps ahead!

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