Employer Branding is one of the key superpowers you need to have to win the talent war. In short, employer brand is your reputation and popularity as an employer. The biggest mistake you can do is to leave your employer brand behind and focus solely on corporate and product branding. Why is that so?

Now let’s imagine if a potential talent approaches your employee and ask this million-dollar question,

“What is it like working in your organization?”

Will you be expecting your employee to answer

“We have great products, great services”

“I love this place! I have an awesome team who makes me look forward to work every day!”

Probably the latter. Even if the former answer was given, do you think that is a good reason to join your organization? Take a step back, which answer will appeal better to you?

Therefore, employer branding is greater than ever. Are you in pace with the rest in the race to be the employer of choice?

Benefits of Strong Employer Branding

Talent Attraction
Competitive Advantage through Differentiation
Increased Job Satisfaction
Lower Turnover Rate
Better Reputation

How to start building your Employer Brand?

You have to first have the end in mind. Identify the current position of your employer brand by interviewing your current employees to define your Employee Value Proposition. After which craft out the goals you will like to achieve through your employer branding strategy. It can be to increase employer brand awareness, increase job applicants, increase engagement online and so on.

There are 5 components that you have to take into consideration to enhance your EVP. It includes compensation, benefits, career, work environment and culture. Components that your organization are doing well, continue to uphold the standards. Components that are lacking should be addressed to fill up the gap.

You can consider having a specialized team to champion the analysis and formulation of strategy. Employees are the most credible source with regards to the company culture, team dynamics and work environment. As they are unbiased, their testimonials will be what potential candidates will be listening to. They are on the ground so they will be the best persons to identify and fill the gaps.

Employer Branding Strategies

It may take some time to see the results, so be patient. Understand that the same strategy will work differently for different organization, the most important thing is to understand your employer branding gap and customize a solution to it.

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