Candidate experience is the next big thing you need in your preparation for the talent war. Candidates are one of your organization’s stakeholder. If they on board, they will be your employee. If not, they are potentially your customer with a vast network of connections. A bad candidate experience may leave a bad impression and the damage will be rippling throughout their connections.

Based on a survey, 60% of the respondents experienced bad recruitment processes and over 70% of them will share that experience with others.

Benefits of building a meaningful candidate experience

Word-of-mouth Marketing
Talent Attraction & Retention
Higher Purchase Intent
Competitive Recruitment Strategy

Ideas to build an awesome candidate experience

First of all, candidates usually only get to access the holding area and meeting rooms during their interview. Why keep the rest of your office a secret? Therefore, you can consider taking some time after the interview to show your candidates how the working environment and culture is like in your organization. Also, if you can grab some of your employees to share their experiences with the candidates, it will be even better. Above all, this promotes transparency and also gives you an opportunity to wow your candidates.

Have you ever asked yourself how can you make the process more comfortable and enjoyable for your candidates? First of all, by being more transparent. When you outline the hiring process to the candidate, it can help them to be more prepared for the interview. Likewise, keeping the candidates informed on the next steps to take and also if there is any delay in the process will help too. It is certainly frustrating for your candidates to wait without a deadline. Hence, always communicate well so that their experience with you will be pleasant.

Send the candidate a thank you note for their time after the interview. Regardless the outcome of the process is acceptance or rejection, it is important to maintain the relationship with the candidates. In addition, some organizations go even further to give their candidates personalized gifts. Above all, always make them like your organization, who knows they might be your next big brand ambassador?

Collecting feedback on candidate experience can allow you to know what you are doing good and what are the areas for improvements. After the process, inform the candidate that there will be a survey for them to evaluate on their candidate experience. It could be in hard copy or via an online platform. Therefore, through this you will be able to gain some insights and also show how much you care about the candidates’ experience in your organization.

Have an awesome candidate experience strategy in place but have yet to have anyone to experience it?

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