After months of search, you finally found the talent that your organization need. The shock comes when a talent leaves, leaving you puzzled and wondering what went wrong? What can you do to reduce the probably of employees quitting their jobs?

First things first, if employees quit, it is not always your fault

Don’t jump into conclusions and derive that something might be wrong in your organization because certain reasons why employees quit are beyond your control. For example, it can be due to a better opportunity out there, the need to stay home to take care of their child or even going for higher qualifications. These are reasons that as employers, you can only embrace and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.


There are also elements within your organization that you can control to a certain extend to keep your employees close with you and grow together. These elements when done right will be awesome for your organization, but when done wrongly it will be a nightmare for you.

Organizational Culture are essentially the values, beliefs and behaviors that the organization demonstrates. It forms the organization’s identity and it is what attracts and retains talents in your organization. Incongruency is one reason why employees will quit. Not only that, saying but not doing is the next killer. This means that the organization speaks about their values, their shared vision and beliefs but there is no action taken to achieve those. No organizational culture is bad, but having a bad organizational culture is worse.

Employees spend at least 8 hours a day at work and there is no way they can avoid interactions with their counterparts and superiors. Therefore, this makes the whole relationship thing even more crucial. The key to happiness is healthy relationship with the people around you. If relationships are sore or the environment is too competitive, it will be draining to the employee and their morale.

Most of the time, employees want to treat their job more than just a job. They don’t wish to treat their job purely as a money generating tool but also for self-fulfilment purposes. Employee engagement consists of a few components. Firstly, providing adequate training and development opportunities for the employee to grow. Secondly, proper and timing recognition should be given to employees so that they will know that their efforts are valued and appreciated by the organization. Thirdly, employers to a certain extend should try to align the career progression of employees with their own career goals. There is no point nurturing the employee in ways that are not what they are looking for.

Finally, constant communication is essential to understand what your employees really want. Employees know best what is happening on the ground and therefore they will also be the most appropriate stakeholders to give you the necessary feedback with regards to the organizational culture and working environment. Proper grievance system needs to be in place as well.

This list is non-exhaustive and there will be more employers can do to create a better environment for their employees. However, it is not a fool proof method that guarantees 100% that employees will stay.

There are different ways to how employees quit.

  • Gratitude: Employees still express their appreciation for the experiences in the organization before they leave
  • According to the Rules: Employees keep you in the loop and serve their notice period before they leave
  • Avoidance: Employees not sharing the real reason for leaving or even disappear from work and requiring colleagues to pass message for them
  • Negative: Bridge burning, or impulsive quitting is not recommended but still common
Regardless of how employees quit, the only constant is that it creates a gap within the organization, and you are back to the talent war once again.

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