An article by Harvard Business Review on how smart people sabotage their own success caught our attention.

Myth: Smart People will be successful in their careers. This can’t go wrong isn’t it?

Our parents drilled us with the importance of academic success and how being smart solves everything. However, in today’s context, the truth is that being smart is not the only factor to success.

In the article, it was stated how smart people sabotage their own success through
  1. Devaluing other skills
  2. Being uncomfortable working in teams
  3. Self-obsessed with being smart
  4. Undermining mundane task
  5. Overthinking
From our daily interactions with candidates and clients, we have indeed heard from both parties how career progressions are hindered or how employees are not performing as they commit the mistakes mentioned above. Let us share our insights on why the above actions must stop.

Soft Skills – The New Core Skills

Employers are placing more emphasis on soft skills such as time management, relationship management and creativity. This is for a simple reason – soft skills can’t be learnt that easily. Putting aside hard skills that are rare to find, the rest are quite an abundance in the market now. It is also the soft skills that gels the whole processes of an organization together. For example, persuading and influencing stakeholders to take a certain decision and then effectively communicating it down.

It’s all about Teams

From traditional teams, to diverse teams, to remote teams, teams are a necessity in every organization regardless what level you are at. It is rather impossible for a department or function to work independently without interacting with another. Similarly, an individual can’t function alone. Our clients always note to us that they are looking for candidates who can work in teams and the need to work with teams from another geographical location. Therefore, to bring your career to the next level, you can’t run away from this.

Be Smarter than Smart

By being obsessed with the fact that you are smart, you might be falling into the trap of being nonchalant about everything else. We have seen candidates trying to avoid topics that they are not good at and continuously sharing with us their strengths. This ignorance will cause you to not be able to identify your gaps and depriving yourself opportunities to further improve yourself. The way to be smarter is to be smart enough to identify how you can be better and how can you better value add to your organization. As the saying goes, the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.

Be Realistic

As much as everyone hates mundane and repetitive tasks, you have to evaluate are these tasks profitable and doing you good during your performance review. However, at the end of the day if you realize that the tasks you are doing are not that valuable in your organization, then probably you have to speak to your superior or even consider a career change.

Simplification, not Complication

Over analysis might become one’s paralysis. By being too critical, one’s decision might cause one to shun away from opportunities. At times, trusting someone’s experience or even using your instincts might be better than doing tons and tons of research. We are definitely not undermining the importance of preparations; however, some risks have to be taken to achieve big things. Be open to new opportunities that comes by your way. You never know how beneficial it can be for you.

All in all, stop sabotaging your own success and do what you need to do to achieve them!

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