With technological advancement, many jobs are increasingly facing automation. Certain industries, such as manufacturing, are hit harder than others. How about human resources manager? Will robots be able to replace the “human” in HRM?

If we were to breakdown the potential responsibilities of a human resources manager, it may include
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Employee Recognition & Engagement
  • Total Rewards Management
  • Manpower Scheduling
  • Performance Management
  • Organizational Culture & Strategy
From the list, we observed that some of the skills required are rather simple and transactional. However, bulk of the responsibilities are actually very complex and “human”. This means that technology and automation may take over certain parts of HRM, but definitely not all. Unlike being in a manufacturing plant whereby there is a need for consistency, every human is different. For example,

Recruitment & Selection

There are robots are who can read candidate’s resume and filter them according to the requirements of the recruiters. These robots are good because they are fast and do not have biases like human recruiters. However, doing this removes way too much space for ambiguity that it deprives a candidate of his/her chance for an interview just because the resume was missing a certain keyword robot was looking for. However, in actual fact he/she has the experience. Some hiring managers may hire beyond what the job description requires. For example, cultural fit, vibes or even using their own instincts.

Employee Recognition & Engagement

Inviting robots to celebrate with your employee for his/her achievements? Sounds totally off. Human interactions are still necessary. Having a healthy relationship at work is essential to enhance employee satisfaction. It will definitely be awesome to receive a personalized email or card from your superior for your promotion rather than an automated email from a robot.

Organizational Culture & Strategy

The people in the organization makes up the culture. If there is a need for a cultural change, the top management will formulate the strategy and rally the employees for the change. Not too sure where can the robots be involved but these are really all human-centric activities that will never be replaced. At the end of the day, decision will still be made by a human.

However, automation and technology has brought many benefits to HRM in areas such as manpower scheduling, payroll and performance management systems. One big area that will deeply impact and benefit HRM will be in terms of data and analytics.
  • By using data and analytics, managers will be able to better monitor performance and decide whether is there a need for training or to give fair and timely recognition for employees.
  • In terms of strategy formulating, with insights from data and analytics it will help managers in decision making and ride on trends that will be beneficial
All in all, even with the rapid digitalization of the world, the human touch is still necessary in every organization.

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